Chemical Peels


this peel is the most comprehensive peel for acne and acne scarring. It works synergistically to combat active acne while repairing dark areas of pigmentation. It helps to fade textural scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne breakouts. This peel works great for skin concerns that include excessive oil, acne with hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and adult acne.


this peel is formulated to combat the effects and signs of aging. This targeted formula provides for a deeper penetration to soften lines and wrinkles. The collagen enhanced stimulation increases cell turnover and promotes a decrease in loss of elasticity. It is great for those who are concerned with aging skin (40 and older), wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. The benefits include softening of fine lines, smoothes away rough skin texture, penetrates mature skin, and stimulates collagen production.


The peel to combat pigmentation issues with our lighten booster and fast acting brightening booster. This powerhouse formula effectively suppresses melanogenesis and promotes rapid cell turnover for improved skin tone. This is the peel for those concerned with UV induced pigmentation, sun damage, Melasma, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The benefits of this peel include exfoliation, which helps diminish pigmentation and textural damage. It restores the skin to natural health, while effectively penetrating damaged areas and promoting rapid cell turnover.


This peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types. It will help with tone, texture, and clarity of your skin and provide anti-aging benefits. The original ViPeel tightens skin, smoothes texture, and brightens tone. This is a great first time peel for all ages. It addresses concerns for sensitive skin, early signs of aging (+20 years old), rough texture, and keratosis pilaris. The benefits include restoring more even skin tone, smoothing texture, reducing appearance of fine lines, and reducing appearance of keratosis pilaris.


This peel is highly effective for acne and addresses a variety of concerns caused by acne symptoms. This formula increases cellular turnover to open pores and reduce comedones, kills bacteria P.acnes, and balances the skin so fewer breakouts occur. This is the peel for skin concerns of active acne, breakout prone skin, oily and congested skin, and teen acne. The benefits of this peel include increased cellular turnover to clear pores, eliminates P.acnes bacteria, and soothes inflammation and redness.

Skin better science is skin magic.

Skin better professional alpha ret peel is a chemical peel indicated for acne, acne scarring, congested pores/follicles, problem or blemish prone skin, fine lines, deep wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, and coarse texture.

This peel offers little down time with little or no peeling due to microshedding technology. slight redness and/or irritation may be seen for 24-48 hours after and makeup may be applied the day after.


To achieve best results, it may take a series of chemical peels. These peels can be added on to other services and make a great “combo” with micro-needling with PRP/PRF.